Mango Mojito Recipe By Mg Food World - healthy refreshment drink natural Beverage

Mango Mojito is a refreshing drink in summer, with the combination of lime slice chunks and mint leaves.

Ingredients for the mango mojito | mango punch

  • fresh mango pulp: 1 cup
  • mint leaves: 5-6
  • lime slice: 4-5 chunks
  • sugar: 2 tablespoon
  • ginger juice: 1/2 teaspoon
  • ice cubes: 1/2 cup crushed
  • sprite soda water or as your choice

Prepare mango mojito | mango punch

  1. Firstly, take the big size beer mug or mojito mug, add lime slice chunks and chopped mint leaves into it.
  2. Muddle these ingredients together with the wooden rolling pin or a wooden spoon gently.
  3. Whenever all the juices are release well.
  4. Along with these muddled ingredients add a good amount of crushed ice and fresh mango pulp.
  5. Mix all well, add sugar and ginger juice, mix it again together with pouring the sprite soda or other lemoned water.
  6. Give it the gently stir.
  7. Serve with lime wedge and sprig of mint if desired.

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